190 thousand “health” medicine bags for home isolation cases … tomorrow with “the seventh day”


The seventh day will publish in its issue issued tomorrow, Tuesday, important details about many of the current events on the internal and external arenas, most notably: 190,000 “health” medicine bags for home isolation cases.

Also read in tomorrow’s issue:

From the heart of Beirut .. “The Seventh Day” monitors the deciding hours in the Hariri case .. “Hariri the son” in The Hague to attend the separation session .. Security alert in anticipation of reactions from the Lebanese interior .. Egypt sends a new shipment of aid .. and the Lebanese health calls for ‘Close’ to control Corona

190 thousand “health” medicine bags for home isolation cases … the government is discussing proposals to start the study next year in light of the Corona crisis … and the prime minister stresses the continued commitment to precautionary measures … Minister of Health: A national committee to oversee vaccine research … and higher education: Gradually returning operations and maintaining isolation hospitals until the beginning of September

The House of Representatives approves the division of districts law … the draft submitted by the majority provides for 134 individual districts and 4 lists … and a precise definition of the scope and components of each district

Preparing the exams for the second round of secondary school .. and the start of August 22 .. «Education» announces the provision of electronic reviews for students .. and confirms: The questions depend on clear parts with direct answers

The Corona Committee will decide in the next meeting .. Minister of Endowments: We have finalized the controls for returning Friday prayers in mosques

12 million barrels of Iraqi oil to Egypt within 6 months .. Minister of Petroleum: Continuation of the existing agreement and its regular renewal, Baghdad Ambassador: We are keen to consolidate relations and openness to Cairo

The logistical zone in Tanta with investments of 6 billion pounds and provides 50 thousand job opportunities .. «Development of internal trade»: The establishment of 18 projects, logistical and commercial areas in 11 governorates so far, with a value of 49 billion pounds

Intensive preparations for the start of the tournament next January .. The two ministers of sports and communications discuss World Cup handball supplies

Filling out a wish list is compulsory … forming the Higher Committee for the Coordination of Universities 2020 … and equipping laboratories according to preventive controls

Endowments start counting down the opening of mosques for Friday prayers .. Friday: We have finished defining the controls of return … and the Corona Crisis Committee will make the decision at its next meeting

The Minister of Military Production discusses with the military attache at the American embassy, ​​ways to support cooperation between them


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