5 common nutritional mistakes that you should avoid in order to preserve your health and body .. Know them


There are many mistakes that many make and affect health and increase the risk of developing chronic diseases, especially excessive intake of fatty meals that increase weight, diabetes and heart problems, so the seventh day offers some common nutritional errors that should be avoided according to what the site said rbitzer Which

1: Many believe that eating sugar-free foods works to enhance the health of the body and protect it from diseases, but it is a common mistake. Sugar must be eaten in daily meals, but in moderate quantities appropriate to the nature of the body and avoid replacing it with artificial components.

2: Replacing foods and eating fruits with vegetables with a cup of juice, which is also a common mistake, but juice is not a sufficient alternative to eating an integrated food meal because it does not contain some other elements such as protein and healthy fats that are important for the health of the body, and natural juices contain a high percentage of sugars that work On high sugar.

3: Neglecting carbohydrates intake is one of the mistakes that affect the health of muscles and joints. Many people neglect it as an attempt to lose weight, but neglecting carbohydrates in the diet causes muscle weakness and lack of energy.

4: Not eating gluten in the diet is a common mistake unless you are allergic to it, but naturally you should eat foods that contain gluten.

5: Skip the basic meals a day from the common mistakes that affect the health of the body, it is necessary to eat regular meals to provide the body with activity and energy.


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