5 foods you won’t expect will treat constipation in no time


Disturbed bowel function usually leads to constipation due to insufficient water intake, insufficient fiber in the diet, disruption of or routine, and stress.

The site “boldsky” presented the most prominent methods of treating constipation:

– the banana

Bananas are rich in potassium and electrolytes that help restore digestive health. This fruit is effective in treating stomach problems because it helps restore intestinal function and treat diarrhea. Eat a whole banana, if you have trouble going to the bathroom in the morning.


Citrus fruits like oranges contain lots of stool-softening vitamin C and fiber, and oranges also contain Naringenin, a flavonoid that can act as a laxative, allowing the stool to pass smoothly.

– Raspberry

Raspberries can help bulk up stools to help food move smoothly through the digestive system, and berries also aid in improving digestion.


Kiwi is high in fiber and water, which makes it an excellent fruit to get your bowels moving, and kiwi is an excellent laxative and leads to the formation of thicker, softer stools.


Eating apples can help relieve constipation due to the presence of pectin fibers, which can help speed up the movement of stools through the intestine, and improve symptoms of constipation.


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