5 information about Khaled El-Ghandour disease and how to prevent it


Khaled El-Ghandour, former star of Zamalek club and presenter of the Zamalek program on the Zamalek channel, has suffered from a strong health crisis, and sources close to him learned that he suffers from stomach pain strong it causes in a He is hospitalized.

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The site “msdmanuals” presented the most important causes of stomach pain and how to prevent them:

Stomach pain occurs for many reasons, including some diseases such as colon and stomach infections

– Medical tests and examinations are the main reason for knowing the causes of stomach pain.
– Some medicines cause stomach pain, especially when excessive, such as aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

The correct treatment of the disease depends on the diagnosis, identification of the disease, and then treatment.

Anxiety and excessive stress make stomach and intestinal pain develop and become stronger and more intense.

Some types of cancer cause stomach pain.

The prevention of most stomach and intestinal diseases, which is not taking any medical drug for a long time without consulting a doctor, especially that is accompanied by a strong effect on the stomach, paying attention to the selection of clean food types that benefit the stomach and make it better, avoiding food and organism, and avoiding tension and anxiety as much as possible and practicing relaxation strategies As well as conducting medical examinations on a regular basis to discover any disease at its onset and treat it quickly.


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