5 spices prevent stroke and death


Site said “TheHealthSite “It is a must for some sick patients COVID-19 Adding foods that cause blood thinning to their meals, as the abnormal blood clotting was a serious cause of concern for a large number of Corona virus patients COVID-19 Those with severe complications, as natural blood transfusions may be a reasonable addition to their diet during their recovery period at home..

The site said, evidence from all over the world indicates that blood clots were a common phenomenon among a large number of Corona virus patients COVID-19While doctors in New York City noticed signs of thickening of the blood, and blood clots in various organs of Corona virus patients COVID-19 Researchers from France also witnessed similar cases, and noticed a high incidence of deep vein thrombosis among Corona virus patients. COVID-19 Severe complications, who were admitted to the intensive care unit in Paris, and also suggested anticoagulant therapy (treatment with blood thinners) for coronavirus patients COVID-19.

The site said, that blood clots are a potential risk factor for damage to the heart and other organs, in fact, doctors have noted that blood clotting in many patients with Corona virus COVID-19 Damage to the heart and kidneys.

Why do Covid-19 patients develop blood clots?

Select research published in a journal Circulation A possible link between blood clotting and coronavirus COVID-19, The study authors found an increase in the number of two cells in the blood of Corona patients COVID-19 These are a type of immune cell and platelets (cells responsible for clotting). They hypothesized that coagulation is in Corona patients COVID-19 It is the result of the interaction between these two cells, explaining that other complications associated with this physiological reaction are blockage of blood vessels and tissue damage in the surrounding areas.

Natural blood thinners that you should try at home.

The site emphasized that home care is critical for all Coronavirus patientsCOVID-19 After they return from the hospital, it becomes even more important for those who are severely affected because they suffer from many associated complications such as blood clotting, among other things, you should be more careful about this condition if your doctor advises you to stop taking anti-blood-clotting medication at home. Discuss with him about including some natural blood transfusions in your meals.


First: turmeric.

This traditional Indian spice can act as a natural anticoagulant, combined with curcumin, a polyphenol that blocks the function of certain enzymes responsible for blood clotting..

Chili pepper
Chili pepper

Second: cayenne pepper.

It is loaded with natural blood thinners known as salicylates, and several studies have found that it helps deal with blood clots, a condition characterized by clots in the blood vessels, and it also helps lower blood sugar and fat levels and high blood pressure, chili peppers also have properties. Anti-obesity in many studies.


Third: Cinnamon.

An ingredient known as coumarin found in this kitchen acts as a powerful anticoagulant, in fact, it is used in blood thinners such as warfarin.


Fourth: ginger.

Ginger’s anti-clotting properties stem from a source similar to the chili pepper, “salicylate”, research indicates that this compound can moderate blood clotting and prevent coagulation disorders “clotting”, from causing bleeding complications.

The site advises avoiding ginger supplements altogether if you take warfarin.

Fifthly: garlic.

This is also a natural blood thinner, and it has been found to be effective against blood clots.Experts suggest that you can eat garlic regularly if you have this condition.In addition, research also suggests that it is safe to take garlic extracts along with warfarin or other over the counter medications. For oral clotting, however, it must be monitored by your cardiologist.


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