6 sources to finance the budget of the Mental Health Fund for Psychiatric Care


The Psychiatric Patient Care Law, which was finally approved by the House of Representatives, defines the resources of the mental health fund that is formed under this law, as follows::

The fund’s resources consist of:

1. What may be allocated to the fund from the state budget in the financing section of the funds and accounts for the consolidated treasury account.

2. Fees for the registration of mental health facilities in the records of the Regional Council for Mental Health, with a maximum of (30 thousand pounds) for each facility paid in cash or by one of the electronic payment methods.

3. The fee shall be determined by a decision issued by the minister concerned with health, according to the number of the family of the facility. The executive regulations for this law shall determine the necessary conditions and procedures in this regard..

4. The outcome of mental health imprints due on the issuance of medical certificates and reports that are determined by a decision of the Minister in charge of health, at the rate of (30 pounds) for the certificate or report.

5. What is paid for entering treatment for mental health facilities, which is determined by a decision of the minister in charge of health in the amount of one hundred and fifty pounds paid by the facility in cash or by one of the electronic payment methods for each case of admission to treatment in it.

6. Donations, bequests, and donations accepted by the Fund’s Board of Directors, and payment of this proceeds shall be made for the following purposes:

40% for independent evaluation procedures.

30% for training.

10% to conduct awareness campaigns on mental health in the community.

10% to support patient rights committees.

5% for allowances for members of mental health councils.

5% incentives for mental health workers.


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