7 people have died and 60 have been infected so far..A new virus hits China


Dr. Islam Annan, professor of health economics and epidemiology, said that during the last week, China had injuries and deaths due to a virus called Bunyavirus.

Annan emphasized that the Bunia virus is not new and is known to cause disease (Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome) Or known for short (SFTS) and was discovered in 2009.

The epidemiologist added that the World Health Organization placed this virus on its list in 2018 of priority diseases.

Annan stated that it comes from a medium which is the tick (Ticks) and its transmission from human to human without the presence of an intermediate organism (ticks) has been studied and proven in several studies by means of body fluids and blood and its season during the period from May to September.

The epidemiologist explained that the spread of infection is less than the Corona virus, and it often affects the elderly, its incubation period is from 7 to 13 days, and the death rate it causes is from 10% to 30%.

He added that his early symptoms are fever and cough. Clinical symptoms of SFTS include low platelet count, low white blood cell count, and gastrointestinal disorders.

He pointed out that this virus does not have a vaccine Until now But it is easy to treat in the early stages, which are devoid of deaths, noting that patients receive anti-viral (ribavirin) as an adjunct treatment.

Annan stressed that ticks are common, but the Asian tick type is different, giving a golden advice not to walk barefoot to ensure that no virus is transmitted.


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