7 signs that you may be infected with the Coronavirus “without realizing it”


“Most people infected with Coronavirus have an uncomplicated case of infection, and it may not be distinguished from cold or flu,” said an expert in infectious diseases, Amish Adalja, a senior researcher at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in the United States.

Unfortunately, “there is no 100 percent sure-fire way to know whether the disease you dealt with last winter was” Covid 19 “or a common cold,” according to doctors.

However, 7 signs can be viewed that indicate that many people may be infected with “Covid 19” without realizing it.

A cold in early 2020

Scientists analyzed throat swabs taken last winter of people suspected of having influenza in China and the United States, and discovered that for every two cases of influenza, one case was found with the Coronavirus.

While it may be difficult to distinguish between a cold and a mild case of “Covid 19” due to the similarity of symptoms, colds do not usually cause shortness of breath or severe headaches.

He lost the sense of smell and taste

Loss of smell and taste is a distinctive feature of infection with the Coronavirus, and this symptom does not happen to everyone, but Adalja indicated that it is now strongly linked to “Covid 19”.

It should be noted that it is also possible to lose these two senses temporarily in the event of infection with other respiratory diseases, such as cold, influenza, sinusitis, or even with seasonal allergies.

Hair loss

Many of those who recovered from the Corona virus reported problems related to hair loss, and Adalja said that the reason for this could be a combination of factors, including severe stress, weight loss and other diseases such as “Covid 19”.

shortness of breath

Research published in the scientific journal “Gamma” found that people with corona may feel short of breath, possibly due to an infection in the lungs.

A persistent cough

A persistent cough is one of the symptoms of infection with the Coronavirus, and the cough is often dry in this case, which means that no sputum or mucus appears, according to Dr. Adalja.

The data found that 43 percent of people who contracted “Covid 19” had a cough from 14 to 21 days after getting a positive test for the virus.

Feeling overwhelmed

The study, published in the Gamma Journal, found that 53 percent of coronavirus patients said they experienced fatigue and exhaustion about 60 days after signs of the virus first appeared.

Dr. Adalja attributed the matter to the way a person’s immune system interacts with the virus, or it could simply be the way the virus works in the body.

Symptoms that do not go away

Corona virus is still new to doctors, so some of its symptoms and consequences are still hidden, such as the suffering of some people with the virus from heart problems after infection.


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