A common health condition that makes men more vulnerable to impotence!


Doctors have warned that high blood pressure may ruin men’s emotional lives and cause them to suffer from impotence.

Greek scientists discovered that men, who had a history of high blood pressure, had damage to the vessels that supply blood to the reproductive organs. High blood pressure damages artery walls, making them hard and narrow.

The research team, from the University of Athens, said that blood pressure medications could help treat the condition.

But they warn that some medications can actually make matters worse, so a careful approach is needed to choose the right treatment.

The scientists, who presented their findings at the European Society of Cardiology, said impotence could also be a sign that a man is at risk of developing serious heart disease.

Because of the difficulty in getting blood to the thigh, it is also possible that it is too little in the heart and brain, which may lead to a heart attack or stroke.

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The researchers tested 365 men with erectile dysfunction and no history of diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

They performed genital ultrasound scans of each participant, to assess the health of the blood vessels. The speed of blood flow decreased gradually with high blood pressure.

The flow was faster in those with normal blood pressure, slower in people with normal high blood pressure, and slower also in those with high blood pressure.

The researchers cautioned that some antihypertensive drugs – particularly diuretics – have been linked to worsening sexual function.

Study leader Professor Charalambos Flashopoulos said: “The gradual decrease in the velocity of blood flow in the penis across the three blood pressure classes in men who are not taking antihypertensive drugs indicates significant structural changes in the blood vessels in the penis due to long-term high blood pressure. The differences in blood flow across the three blood pressure groups disappeared with treatment, indicating a contrasting drug effect. ”

Additional analysis found that among men with normal high blood pressure, taking medications actually reduced blood flow, making the problem worse.

“These results indicate that hypertensive patients are already suffering from significant structural damage to the arteries of the penis, and that the addition of antihypertensive drugs does not reduce the blood flow in the organ,” Flashopoulos added. He urged men who have concerns about impotence, to discuss the matter with Their doctor.

Source: Daily Mail


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