A doctor reveals the fact that Egypt was exposed to a second wave of Corona


Ashraf Oqba, head of the departments of General Internal Medicine and Immunology at the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, said that there has been cooperation between the various ministries, the Ministry of Health and its White Army to repel Corona cases, in addition to the citizens’ commitment to prevention methods and precautionary measures, pointing out that the real reason behind the decline in injuries is precautionary measures Carried out by the government simultaneously.

Oqba explained, during his meeting with the “DMC Evening” program, broadcast on “DMC”, that the second wave of the Corona virus differs from country to state, as it occurs after a very low number of infections and then increased again, commenting: “With proper management and the virus not mutating, control will be made. Coronavirus and a second wave will not occur.

And on the relationship of the Corona virus to exposure to clots, he said: “Not all people who contract the Coronavirus are ready to clot,” explaining that the presence of the virus affects the amount of oxygen present, as infection with the Corona virus makes oxidation factors increase, which increases exposure to vasculitis, the occurrence of clots , But the rates of infection with Coronavirus are different from person to person.


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