A health official reveals the details of the number of Corona injuries in the last two days


Hossam Hosni, head of the Scientific Committee to Combat Corona Crisis at the Ministry of Health and Population, said that the Egyptian state will take all precautionary measures to prevent and protect voters during the Senate elections.

Living with the Coronavirus

Hosni added, during a telephone interview with the “Tahrir Hall” program broadcast by “Echo of the Country” channel today, Sunday, that the Corona virus is still present and the virus has been controlled without victory so far, indicating that the return of Corona infection numbers in Egypt has increased during the past two days. It is a warning bell to alert citizens to the importance of precautionary and preventive measures.

He pointed out the importance of the commitment of voters in the Senate elections to wear a mask, a safety distance of at least one meter from others, and sterilize the hand with alcohol before and after voting, as well as not to go to the election committees if they feel symptoms of Corona virus infection.


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