A new surprise in the incident of the Agana child in Aswan .. Video and photos


A journey of successive events, and multiple scenes، Sequential appearance, in the story of the child Aswan “Muhammad Mustafa Shahat”, 15 years old, nicknamed “The Ajana Child”, which is followed by “Sada Al Balad” website moment by moment, On the tongue Members of the family of the young victim, reveal more scenes and new circumstances that led to his severe injuries, which reached quadriplegia.
Reviews “Country Echo” in Striae Next new in the story of “Muhammad”, Which “Mohamed Abdel Razek”, his cousin, tells us, after One of the employees of the bakery in which he works, “Syed FM” 35 years old, carried him and put him inside the dough machine, put it into operation and left it inside without conscience or humanity, which is the second incident to which the child is exposed to this worker, and with the calls and screams of Muhammad. His colleagues went from outside and took him out of the kneader after he was unconscious of the electrical current.

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و .شار Cousin Child Muhammad, until the new; There was another person culprit in the incident, and he was the owner of the bakery, which caused Muhammad’s further injury، And the arrival of his health to the current stage، Whereas, after Muhammad’s colleagues removed him from the incubator; The owner of the bakery took him in a pick-up truck to the remote hospital, and did not use the ambulance unit, which is only about 150 meters away from the bakery.

He added that the owner of the bakery put Muhammad in the car and transported him in the wrong way to Aswan University Hospital, which is 75 km away from their village, Sila Bahari in Kom Ombo, and that increased his health by 80%.

Hamad Abdel Razek indicated that the name of the victim’s cousin was written in the hospital by mistake when he entered him, and moreover, the fact that Muhammad was injured was not explained to his mother.، Rather, she was misled that her son was injured after the trolley (on which baking sheets were placed), and that we took him to the hospital in good condition, but they discovered that there was phlegm on Muhammad’s chest and that they suspected that he had Corona, and there is no need to worry.

He noted that the mother’s heart did not comprehend the above, so on the third day she went to the hospital to check on her son’s condition, but the surprise was, the pressure on the mother began. To sign an affidavit that what her son Muhammad was subjected to was a natural accident and she did not accuse anyone criminally.

He said .. “But when Muhammad’s mother met her son, the real scenes appeared about his injuryWhich made it clear that there was clear misleading in what Muhammad was subjected to, which is (the wrong transfer to the hospital, his name being written wrongly, and his claim of being infected with Corona … etc.) and the scenario did not end with this matter. Rather, they informed his mother that they would bear the costs of his travel and treatment, and that neighborliness would be taken into account in that. “We are the family of each other and the issue will be solved friendly.”

He added that it was possible for Muhammad to die inside the perjury, and the real signs of his injury would disappear, but the will of God – the Almighty – was greater. To show the full truth.

He pointed out that Muhammad’s mother informed the rest of the family of the fact of the injury, and the issue took another direction by highlighting it through social media. Because there is a cover-up and a felony, and we have shared with us a lot from inside and outside Egypt in recommending that this injustice not be tolerated, especially since Muhammad had a severing of the spinal cord and a fracture of the sixth and seventh cervical vertebrae, as well as a broken rib.، He broke the shoulder blade، وتجمع دموىBroken fingers, He thus becomes bedridden and quadriplegic.

And Mohamed Abdel Razek continued that the journey of treatment to Muhammad Started; As Social Media had a great role in communicating our voice and our relief to the state officials, and I thank the “echo of the country” that took the lead in adopting the incident of Muhammad, and conveying our voice to the officials.، Where there was a quick response and great interest from Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health، This human being, who communicated with us through her office, overcame all obstacles before us، We thank her very much, as she follows around the clock the condition of Muhammad with unlimited attention, and is communicating with us to overcome routine obstacles.

He also thanked all the officials who had supported them and stood by them، A member of the House of Representatives in Aswan, as well as the House Health Committee، Who help us by leaps and bounds، Under the umbrella of the Minister of Human Health، Which was assigned to equip an ambulance to transport Muhammad from Aswan University Hospital، To the Crescent Hospital in Cairo; To treat him at the Ministry’s expense, it also recommends that a doctor be in the car who will follow Muhammad’s condition during the traveling hours until his arrival in Cairo.

He also thanked the officials of Aswan University Hospital for their efforts and efforts to save Muhammad’s life despite the limited capabilities, as they contributed with the treatment they provided to Muhammad in preserving his life.

Mohamed Abdel-Razek concluded his speech, saying that accomplished justice in Egypt will take revenge on the perpetrator, and we are in a state and country of institutions under the leadership of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, where the right is given to his companions, and we are confident, God willing, in that.

The injured child, “Muhammad Mustafa”, demanded that he be taken from the perpetrator. By law, He will not give it up. When he met him at the hands of the perpetrator.

Muhammad said: “The culprit threw me in the dough of the oven before that, and he turned it on me and my son and walked,” and that he was completely paralyzed، And he is receiving treatment now in the hospital, he continued: “I want to be treated and walk on another leg … and whoever is wrong must be held accountable.”

While the mother of “Muhammad” said that her son is 15 years old and he is in the third year of middle school, and he was very excel in his studies and obtained a large sum in middle school, and he decided to work and help with his father and depend on himself, and indeed he worked in a bakery in the same village in which we live, which is. Salwa Bahary, “in the Kom Ombo center, and the nature of work began daily after sunset and continued until after dawn.

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