A nurse kills her husband by conspiring with her doctor’s lover .. The method is incredible


An Egyptian nurse called “Samah A” and a doctor named “Muhammad A”, who work in a government hospital in the Egyptian governorate of Damietta, were sentenced to 4 days imprisonment pending investigation, after they were charged with premeditated murder.

Investigations indicated that the nurse’s husband, who suffers from diabetes, had died as a result of receiving an overdose of medication, and his body was found dumped on the road.

The police also summoned the relatives of the deceased, who was working as a car mechanic, to hear their statements along with his wife, who is 33 years old and the doctor 37 years old, as it turned out that the last two had an emotional relationship that led them to get rid of the husband Imad Shawqi Abdul Sattar, 40, after discovering this.

The medical report indicated that he was suffering from diabetes, and his family refused to take condolences until the cause of death was revealed, and it was likely that there was a criminal suspicion behind it.


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