A shock to those recovering from Corona. Beware this medical condition


A leading clinic reported a link between “Covid-19” and hair loss after survivors complained that the disease had caused hair strands to fall into masses.

Specialists at the Belgravia Center in London told the British Daily Mail that they are beginning to notice an increase in cases of telogen effluvium, a condition caused by a disorder in the hair growth cycle, in patients with Covid-19.

Creepy hair loss (TE) occurs when a large percentage of head hair turns into a resting period that precedes hair loss rather than the active growth phase, and this causes hair loss temporarily in most cases, so hair returns to growth after two to four months, after the end of The reason that stimulated the entry of head hair into the resting stage, and this condition often causes patients anxiety.

The clinic officially registered its results over a six-week period during the months of June and July. The most common diagnosis was androgenetic alopecia, or male-shaped alopecia, however a higher incidence of crappy hair loss was seen, many of which occurred eight to 16 weeks after the first symptoms of the Corona virus appeared.

Grace Dudley, 30, of Romford, Essex, said she began noticing hair strands in large blocks, apparently without reason, more than a month after she was discharged from hospital after suffering Covid-19.

Dudley spent nearly two weeks in hospital after being infected by her father, who later died due to the failure of many organs due to the virus.

She told Grace that her hair would fall out every time she combed it, which prompted her to completely shave.

One expert told her that her hair loss was associated with “Covid-19 ″. According to Grace, a hair research specialist said that severe hair loss occurred because the body was so close to death that it began to “close” the follicles of its head in an attempt to conserve energy for basic functions.

Other survivors moved from “Covid-19” to “Twitter” to share their experiences with hair loss weeks and even months after the initial symptoms of “Covid-19”.

Nearly two-thirds of male patients (64%) and more than a third of women (38%) who were diagnosed with crappy hair loss at the Belgravia Center reported that they had symptoms related to “Covid-19 ″, most of them contracted the disease in March, indicating The relationship between the virus and hair loss after about three months.

“It is very common for hair loss associated with crappy hair loss to occur after about three months of severe shock, illness or stress, which is consistent with our findings,” Raleigh Posinova, a hair specialist at the Belgravia Center, told the Daily Mail.

The sudden rise in the diagnosis shows how stress the virus places on the body, not only causing temporary hair loss, but also possibly exacerbating other hair loss cases that can have long-term effects if left untreated.

The loss of crappy hair is often temporary and recoverable, and most often lasts up to six months, or more than six months and is considered chronic.

Source: Daily Mail


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