A sign on the tongue that you have a chronic disease


Type 2 diabetes affects a person’s entire body with a variety of warning signs indicating dangerously high blood sugar levels. According to Chinese medicine, the tongue carries many clues to one’s health.

Type 2 diabetes affects the entire human body and manifests itself with various warning signs that indicate a dangerous rise in blood sugar levels. According to Chinese medicine, the tongue carries many health instructions.

According to express, by 2030, 366 million people will develop diabetes worldwide, there is a growing need for additional tools for screening for diabetes and knowing how to detect early signs of the disease to ensure early treatment, and according to studies, the tongue may hold many evidence. Including the warning about high blood sugar.

And the Cleveland Clinic Medical Center emphasized that burning of the mouth or tongue could be a warning sign of diabetes.

The center added that it could be caused by thrush, a fungal infection that affects the mouth and tongue, as high levels of blood sugar in the mouth and saliva provide an ideal environment for the growth of fungi.

In the same context, doctors said, “People with diabetes face a higher than usual risk of oral health problems.”

In a study published in Diabetes in Control, further research was done on the tongue as an indicator of type 2 diabetes.

The study explained: “Traditional Chinese medicine has used tongue diagnostics for centuries, so a recent study explored this method to distinguish between individuals with type 2 diabetes and those without it, as this is the first study to examine the effectiveness and value of tongue diagnostics in type 2 diabetes.

While the study confirmed that “Diabetes (DM) is a general problem closely related to many oral complications such as dry mouth, where tongue diagnosis plays an important role in the clinical diagnosis and treatment of diabetes in traditional Chinese medicine.

This study in tongue features induced to differentiate type 2 diabetes from non-diabetic individuals through non-invasive tongue diagnostics.

The study revealed that the yellow color of saliva indicates diabetes.

Other warning signs of high blood sugar include persistent hunger, lack of energy, weight loss, extreme thirst and frequent urination.

So if you experience any of these signs including unusual symptoms on your tongue, it is important to speak with your doctor who will be able to determine the cause.


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