A study confirms the persistence of Corona symptoms for those recovering for 3 months after being negative


A recent study at Southmead Hospital in Bristol, Britain, revealed that symptoms of infection with the Coronavirus can last for at least three months, as they identified 75% of patients who were discharged and found that they are still suffering from symptoms, and even people who recover from the disease may have symptoms COVID-19Even after months of healing.

According to a newspaper report time now news The results indicate that symptoms can last for at least three months, and the team found in North Bristol NHS Trust 81 of the 110 patients, who were still feeling the effects of the disease, were called back for a medical examination.

Symptoms that were reported to persist in these patients were shortness of breath, excessive fatigue, and muscle aches. However, symptoms such as fever, cough and loss of smell improved over time in most patients.

Many people who have contracted the disease also said that their quality of life has greatly deteriorated after the illness. Simple tasks like washing, getting dressed, or returning to work began to feel like a struggle.

Other effects include yet COVID-19Anxiety, mental health problems, hair loss, fatigue, occasional headaches, etc., have also been reported by people from all over the world.

Doctors recommend patients suffering from Corona and beyond to stay in contact with and consult with their doctors in case they experience any persistent symptoms or after-effects of the condition.


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