A study confirms the success of a Chinese vaccine in causing a strong immune response against the Corona virus


A new study shows that a potential coronavirus vaccine developed by Chinese scientists has had a strong immune response and mild side effects in early stage testing, according to a newspaper report. south china post, The authors of the study announced that the results of the first two stages of the experiments show that the vaccine developed by Sinopharma and the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products was safe, but the third stage of testing, which began, will provide more information..

The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, said: “Although the inactivated vaccine has provoked strong reactions from antibodies, whether it can protect individuals from the Corona virus is still unknown.”

Last week, the Bahraini Ministry of Health announced the start of the third phase of clinical trials for the Corona vaccine in the Kingdom, as the Ministry of Health in Bahrain stated that the study that uses an inactive vaccine will include about 6 thousand volunteers from citizens and residents of Bahrain over a period of 12 months..

According to Russia Today, similar experiences began in the Emirates last month, and the human trials that began in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi in mid-July represent.


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