A study identifies people who are 3 times more likely to die from “Corona”


5:30 pm

Thursday 27 August 2020


A recent study revealed that people with metabolic syndrome are three times more likely to die if they contract the Coronavirus.

And it turns out that patients who suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity, have more serious results than others, according to “Russia Today”.

And the study conducted by Tulane University of America, published in the journal Diabetes Care, found that people who suffer from conditions that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease have higher mortality rates when infected with “Covid-19”.

Metabolic syndrome includes a range of conditions, including obesity, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, and low high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol.

The experts now said that the more of these diagnoses you have, the “worse the results” if you contract the Coronavirus.

In the study, researchers followed the health of 287 patients, who were hospitalized due to “Covid-19”, at Tulane Medical Center and University Medical Center in New Orleans. They monitored these patients from March 30 to April 5.

They found that more than 85% of the patients were non-Hispanic blacks. The average age was 61 years, and the majority of patients were women (57%). Approximately 66% of the patients who participated in the survey had metabolic syndrome.

To make a valid comparison, the researchers analyzed two groups: those with metabolic syndrome versus a group without the condition.

They found that 56% of patients with metabolic syndrome should go to intensive care, compared to 24% of those without it.

Among those who required a ventilator, 48% of patients with metabolic syndrome required one, while only 18% of patients without this condition were placed on a ventilator.

They found that 26% of patients with metabolic syndrome died – while 10% of those without metabolic syndrome died.

After calculating age, hospital location, race and gender, the researchers said that people with metabolic syndrome were 3.4 times more likely to die than those without these diseases.

Experts said patients were about 5 times more likely to use a ventilator, develop acute respiratory distress syndrome and enter the intensive care unit.

However, the study did not find an increase in mortality when only one case clustered with metabolic syndrome was identified.

However, it has been shown that obesity or diabetes is associated with a higher chance that the patient will need a ventilator, or he may need to enter the intensive care unit.

The researchers explained that metabolic syndrome should be considered an indicator of the lethal outcome of “Covid-19”, which increases the risk of death through the combined effects of its individual components.


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