A study reveals a hot drink that extends life


Maintaining health in general and extending life requires that a person adhere to a healthy lifestyle, and a healthy lifestyle may mean adhering to a healthy diet and exercising regularly, as it has been proven that consuming a specific hot drink helps in a healthier life and increases longevity.
A recent study revealed that chamomile is not only a popular herbal remedy, it also has a positive effect on one’s health and can increase longevity.
A study conducted at the University of Texas Medical Branch analyzed 1,677 Mexican American men and women over the age of 60 and analyzed how consuming chamomile tea helped extend life.

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The study revealed that tea helped reduce the risk of death by nearly a third compared to those who did not drink it.

According to the study authors for Express, previous research indicates that black and green tea is associated with fewer heart problems, a lower risk of cancer and lower death rates.

And one of the most important mechanisms in chamomile tea is its powerful antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties.

Chamomile’s ability to promote longevity also contributes to its potent ability to calm and relax the nerves.

Several studies have indicated the effectiveness of chamomile in helping to reduce stress in individuals, thus reducing the risk of chronic disease.

The study noted: “Daily urine samples were collected from volunteers during a six-week period that included a two-week base period, two weeks of daily chamomile tea intake, and a two-week post-treatment phase.

Samples obtained for up to two weeks after daily intake of chamomile formed an isolated mass in the characteristic analysis map, from which it was inferred that the metabolic effects of chamomile ingestion were prolonged within a two-week period after the dose.

The study concluded that chamomile tea contains immune-boosting properties that help extend life.

Chamomile has traditionally been used to relieve insomnia, cramps, menstrual problems, ulcers, infections, muscle pain, and gastrointestinal discomfort, according to Botanical Medicine Research.


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