A surprise in Mustafa Hafnawi’s medical report: he was on tramadol


The Air Force Specialized Hospital exploded, surprisingly, about the case of the famous YouTuber Mustafa Hafnawi, whose death caused accusations to the hospital of negligence.

The medical report, which we obtained a copy of, stated that the famous YouTuber entered the hospital on August 5, suffering from abdominal pain, and refused to be admitted to the hospital, declaring himself fully responsible for his discharge from the hospital with his medical condition in which he was admitted.

But with Mustafa being discharged with the hospital, he returned again to the hospital after 24 hours suffering from severe abdominal pain and was hospitalized and the vital signs were stable, according to the medical report, to be reserved in intensive care under treatment and observation.

The famous YouTuber and influencer, Mustafa Hafnawi, died after suffering with a stroke, and subsequently entered a coma in the air hospital.

A surprise in Mustafa Hafnawi's medical report: he was on tramadol


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