A type of dried fruit .. The best source of calcium for treating osteoporosis


Many people suffer from calcium deficiency and develop osteoporosis. So Dr. Sawsan Ghazal, a nutrition expert, presented on her personal page on the social networking site Facebook; The importance of the benefits of dried apricots, which is a natural source of calcium, a friend of the musculoskeletal system for its richness in calcium. It is recommended for children with osteoporosis, osteoporosis in the elderly, and calcium deficiency for all ages.

Other benefits of dried apricots:

1- Fight anemia

2- Help in treating constipation

3- Enhancement of digestion

4- Reducing high temperature

5- Maintaining the health of the skin

6- Regulating the heart rate: This is because it contains potassium, which is necessary for heart health

7- It strengthens vision: it is rich in vitamin A, which is important for healthy eyes

8- Reduces asthma symptoms: It promotes the health of the airways.


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