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A woman digs a tunnel to smuggle her son from prison ...

Source: Fathi Khallaf – Toss News

Facing um Ukrainian, 51 years old, prison after she was overpowered by the passion of motherhood, and tried to make her way to a prison by digging a 35-foot tunnel alone, to free her deadly son from prison.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” said that the 51-year-old woman, whose name has not been released, had rented a house near the area where the prison is located, where her son is serving a life sentence.



The report stated that it was able to use equipment consisting of axes and shovels to dig a 10-foot-deep tunnel in a nearby field, 35 feet under the ground, aiming under the prison walls.

The report stated that the woman did the drilling at night so as not to attract attention, as she was using an electric bicycle to avoid a sound, in order to reach the drilling site.

An eyewitness from the prison guards said: “She also used a wooden cart with small wheels, to be able to carry the waste resulting from the drilling process.”


He pointed out that she was dumping those dirt waste near an abandoned garage near the drilling site, where she was able to transfer about 3 tons of dirt at the time of her arrest and detention, 3 weeks after the start of her project.


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