A workshop calling for achieving sustainable development goals and promoting reproductive health


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The Egyptian Family Planning Association organized a workshop in the presence of representatives from the Ministry of Health and Population, Population and Family Planning, the Ministry of Social Solidarity, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Education, the National Council for Motherhood and Childhood, the Agency for the Development of Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises and the General Union of NGOs and Institutions, within the framework of activating The role of civil societies and institutions in achieving sustainable development goals 2015-2030 and the Population and Development Executive Plan 2020-2025.

Dr. Talaat Abdel Qawi, President of the General Union of Non-Governmental Associations and Institutions, and President of the Egyptian Family Planning Association confirmed that the workshop discussed activating the role of civil work organizations in achieving the relevant sustainable development goals, which is the third goal of reproductive health to reduce maternal mortality and eliminate the phenomenon of newborn deaths. The fourth goal: quality education and the fifth goal: gender equality, which includes the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women and girls, and the thirteenth goal, which is to address the phenomenon Climate change and the seventeenth goal, which is partnerships to achieve the goals.

The workshop also discussed the Population Executive Plan for Development 2020-2025, activating the role of partnership between associations, civil institutions and designated ministries, including the population and family planning sector at the Ministry of Health to provide family planning and reproductive health services, and 100% coverage of deprived areas with family planning and reproductive health services, and the continuation and provision of Family planning methods, providing the necessary financial resources to provide the means, improving the health of the child and the mother, gaining the support of local and popular leaders for family planning issues, expanding the scope of civil society participation in spreading the culture of the two children, correcting religious and social concepts and information related to reproductive health and family planning, and improving the level of Egyptian health services for youth and developing the capacities of And youth and adolescent skills.

Coordination has also been made with the representative of the Ministry of Education to work on reducing the illiteracy rate through the spread of community schools and activating work in them as well as activating support for the empowerment of women and spreading the principles of gender equality through activating the role of rural and social pioneers, especially in deprived areas, to raise women’s social skills and also work on Spreading the economic participation of women in providing financial services and the means to encourage them to lend to start a small business and expand financial training programs aimed at raising women’s skills in the field of industry required by the labor market and support and activate programs to stimulate women’s participation in small enterprises, youth, sports, and the church.

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