Abdominal pain ends in a critical condition .. The story of YouTuber Mustafa Hefnawi, whose health deteriorated in hours


In a few minutes, YouTuber’s laughter dissipated.Mustafa Hafnawi“In severe pain, he fell on his sick bed without moving a dormant suddenly in a coma and in a critical state of health, calling the entire social media out of it.

The story began as told by friends.Mustafa Al-Hefnawi“Through their social media pages, the 25-year-old said,” The 25-year-old feels severe pain in the abdomen and the right shoulder. The pain increased to him, so he went to the hospital to find out the cause of this pain. ”

His close friend, the YouTuber, Amr Rady, explained on his Facebook page, saying: “He was tired and his stuff was very painful … We went to the emergency, taking painkillers, and the pain was relieved and reassured … and our jokes were normal and our soul.”

He continued: “The next morning, our soul was exhausted in the hospital, and he was a normal driver … he was reserved to do the x-rays … before the x-rays he returned and suddenly he began to lose consciousness … his radiation worked on the brain … a clot appeared in the brain that led to complete paralysis.”

The events took place quickly and his health deteriorated more and more, so announcer “Nada Rahmi” posted on her page on the Instagram photo and video site: “Supplication changes destinies … his condition is very deteriorating, and he has fallen into a coma, consciousness zero.”

Social media pages filled with prayers for the twenty-year-old Mustafa Al-Hefnawi Who suddenly deteriorated and described the pioneers of social networking sites terrifying, while his friends demanded a lot of prayers for him, as friends made clear on their pages that the coming hours are crucial in his health.


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