Advisor to the President for Health Affairs: There are expectations of an increase in Corona injuries in the winter


Dr. Mohamed Awad Taj El-Din, the President’s Adviser for Health Affairs, said that the main use of remdesivir, in severe and moderate cases, and mild cases has a different treatment protocol, and most simple cases respond to the protocol that the Ministry of Health has allocated for this, indicating that Egypt has the scientific and clinical cadres that can Evaluating any drug for the Egyptian citizen and avoiding the side effects of the drug, indicating that there are expectations of an increase in Coronavirus infections in winter.

He added during a telephone conversation with journalist Amr Khalil in the “From Egypt” program, which is broadcast on the channel cbc, That the Egyptian media had a great role in spreading awareness among citizens, indicating that there are cases infected with the virus and in hospitals, but the percentage decreased compared to previous times and there was no surge in the increase in cases, and there is an improvement in the number and severity of cases, and there is a great shortage in the number of cases that You need hospitals or intensive care, and the precautionary measures must continue.

The President’s Adviser for Health Affairs explained that we are still in the first wave of the Coronavirus, and that everything that was expected regarding the virus has already happened regarding infection rates and their decline, and we cannot say that Egypt has entered the second wave.


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