After a strange tweet about the pyramids … Egypt by Elon Musk: We are waiting for you


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After his strange tweet that he talked about Alien creatures built the Egyptian pyramidsTesla company founder Elon Musk has received an official response from the authorities.

The Egyptian Minister of International Cooperation, Rania Al-Mashat, invited Mask to discover more writings explaining how the Egyptian pyramids were built.

Al-Mashat posted on her Twitter account, saying, “I follow all your work with great passion. I invite you and your company SpaceX to discover more writings on how the Egyptian pyramids were built, as well as the Pharaonic tombs … We are waiting for you.”

Musk had previously tweeted more than one tweet in which he spoke of the Egyptian pyramids being constructed by aliens, but he recovered after the tweet got many reactions and comments, and tweeted, “The Great Pyramid was the tallest structure that humans made.” 3800 years ago. ”

“Totally wrong”

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian archaeologist, Zahi Hawass, confirmed that what the American billionaire and founder of Tesla Company, Elon Musk, said about the pyramids, is “completely wrong.”

Hawass mentioned in the video of the “Pyramids built by the Egyptians”, providing some evidence for his words, saying: “There are written language evidence inside the tombs that refer to Khufu and its pyramid, and to the king himself, in addition to that inside the Great Pyramid there are writings and inscriptions that tell us who built the pyramids” .

He continued, “I found the tombs of the pyramid builders that they are Egyptians,” noting that the pyramids are a “national project for the entire country.”

“Ramses II was from Sharqia, he was Egyptian … all of his family ruled Egypt from the Delta,” he added.

In addition, the pyramids are considered one of the most important buildings throughout history, due to their complex design, in addition to the hieroglyphic writings and monuments found there.

The number of pyramids in Egypt is approximately 138, and the pharaohs are buried.

The pyramids were built on the western side of the Nile, and the “pyramid of Khufu” in Giza is considered the largest of the pyramids, and it is classified under the list of “Seven Wonders”.

As for the “Pyramid of Djoser” in Saqqara, it is known as the oldest Egyptian pyramid.

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