After she appeared in the hospital, Ahmed Salah Hosni sends a message to Nadine Nag


07:00 AM

Saturday 15 August 2020

Books – Hani Saber:

Artist Ahmed Salah Hosni was keen to send a message to the artist, Nadine Njeim, after she appeared on the bed inside the hospital, after recently undergoing surgery as a result of her injury in the Beirut Port explosion.

Hosni wrote, through his Twitter account: “Alf Salama by the artist Nadine Njeim, God willing, she will be safe and return to her home and the embrace of her children with a thousand good.”

And he added, “Oh Lord, all our injured and affected Lebanese sisters remain in good health and return to their homes with a thousand health and safety, and Lebanon will return better than the first, O Lord.”

It is noteworthy that Nadine Nassib Njeim recently underwent surgery due to her injury in the Beirut Port explosion, which occurred days ago, and left thousands of wounded and dozens dead.


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