After the controversial video, Badriya Tolba and Intissar reveal to Masra


09:00 AM

Friday 14 August 2020

I wrote – Yasmine El-Sharkawy:

In the past few hours, a video clip of the artist Intisar, during her meeting with the “Ask Me” program, broadcast on the cbc channel, has spread to answer many technical questions.

Among the questions that were directed to Nasr, a question related to the fact that the artist Badriya Talibah said that Intissar would like to show evil inside her to people, contrary to her reality, to respond to the latter: “I wish she could advise herself and leave her in herself. Let her focus on her work. ”

Intisar’s statements about Badriya did not go unnoticed by the audience, and those who wondered whether there was a disagreement between them ?, and why ?, especially since the duo presented a program and a play together.

“Masrawy” contacted the two artists to answer questions from the audience. Badria, who initially refused to comment, said that she did not know anything about Intisar’s statements, and that she had received many calls and messages informing her that Intissar had offended her: “She is free, the origin of this intention The one who came and went to him with our Lord God knows best, who asked him in the end. Our Lord guides me on my intention on the side of all people, not from the point of view of victory only. ”

And she added: “If I am within the evil of our Lord, who will hold me accountable, not the servant, and praise be to God, all those around who know the intentions of evil or not, and our Lord alone is the world with hearts and hidden things.”

Badria denied that there was a dispute between her and victory, saying: “There is no disagreement. You see how we are dealing, and victory is with me in the program and with me in the play.”

Emphasizing her love for Intisar, Badriya said that she was the one who nominated her to participate in the program and the play: “By the way, I am the one who is the candidate in the play and I am the one who brought her with me in the program, and the program was for me alone and I told the producer to stay with me.”

On her part, Intissar commented on the video, in a special statement to “Masrawy”, denying the existence of differences between them: “Badriya and I love joking with each other and joking, and we have a special comic style in Hazarna to the extent that people think that we are suffocating seriously, but it is a very special kind of joke.” As we were not in self. ”

Last January, Intisar and Badriya Tolba contracted with Al-Rifi Media to present a new program on Al-Nahar channel, titled “Beit Raya and Sakaniya”, after presenting the famous “Nafsana” program, and they also cooperated recently in the play “Raya.” And a second residential. ”

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