After the death of a young man, after writing a pamphlet about death … a consultant psychiatrist explaining the reasons


Commenting on the death of a young man days after writing a post on Facebook about death, Dr. Muhammad Al-Mahdi, a consultant psychiatrist at Al-Azhar University, said that there are several explanations for the phenomenon, including that when a person has a death wish that is driven by a state of depression and isolation, the brain A person may achieve this desire by various things, including being in a dangerous position, as if the brain is guided by the senses and the activity of cells is that a person dies in order to fulfill the person’s desire to die.

He explained, during a phone call to the “Ninth” program, via the Egyptian Channel 1, with the media, Wael Al-Ibrashi, that there are other reasons that occur in other incidents, that there is in medicine what is called a “broken heart” and that there is a problem in the heart muscle, and the contractions are not The diastases are compatible with each other, and a heart rhythm disorder occurs, and it may stop, and death will occur at any moment, and it may be sudden, and the person really has a death wish and does not wish to continue in life.

He mentioned that a person who talks a lot about death may actually commit suicide in a hidden way that no one feels by eating something that affects his safety, especially there are killer pills, stressing that depression is a fatal disease that ends in suicide or death, as anyone who loses the desire for life must go to a doctor and must Those around him should see the problem and help him.


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