After their car capsized, Manal Salamas husband reveals her health and father


10:16 PM

Friday 28 August 2020

Books – Hani Saber:

Director Adel Adeeb confirmed that he and his wife, the artist, Manal Salama, and his daughter, Amira, left El Alamein Hospital a few moments ago, heading home.

Adeeb said, in exclusive statements to “Masrawy”, that his wife is in good health and his daughter Amira is fine, explaining that his wife suffers only from some bruises.

Adel Adeeb denied that his wife, Manal Salama, had any fractures or other complications as a result of this accident.

He added that he sincerely thanks and appreciation to the management of Al-Alamein Hospital for the health care of his wife and daughter Amira.

It is noteworthy that, the artist Manal Salama, this evening, she had a traffic accident in her car, and her daughter, Amira, was with her, and she was transferred to El Alamein Hospital, to receive health care.


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