Aisha Al-Rasheed, bravest Arabic pen: Corona Vancush Sam


Kuwaiti journalist Aisha Al-Rasheed revealed a new surprise regarding the emerging corona virus.

Al-Rasheed clarified in a message broadcast through the country’s echo that the virus that the world has deluded its existence has overshadowed all sectors in the world as a fake virus and not as dangerous as it has been spread around, pointing out that it had obtained a document from a reliable source stating that the virus is a major deception aimed at weakening countries, especially Arab countries. To the rise of other countries.

Al-Rasheed pointed out that, by returning to the claims of the World Health Organization for $ 130 billion, claiming the expected vaccine industry, he explains hidden scenes, and it is an organization that is in fact a conspirator who is confused in its decisions and is inaccurate in its statistics that concern the world, noting that most of the deaths declared during the Corona period It is not due to the virus, but 99% of it is due to chronic cases.

The “media” indicated that the document dates back to the year 2010, the aim of which is to make people aware of the existence of a dangerous virus that came in its following contents, “so that a new fake virus called Corona can be published, a sufficient number must be convinced of the fake infection, and then it is followed by the imposition of a ban and quarantine extensively and continuously, and announces The cause of the deaths is that it is due to Corona, even if because of another, and it is announced at a specific time after a few months to return to normal life and then return again to exaggerate the severity of the virus and its cause of death and weakened immunity due to the stone that imposed on them for long periods.

Al-Rasheed continued by saying, I contacted officials in the Arab countries in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, and Bahrain, and sent them the document for review to refute it.


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