Alexandria Public Health Institute warns against washing meat before cooking it .. Find out why


The Higher Institute of Public Health, University of Alexandria, warned against washing meat before cooking it, which caused bacteria.

He added in a statement that washing meat and poultry before cooking or even just flushing it with water is a reason for spreading many bacterial pathogens such as Salmonella bacteria and others. To avoid the danger, it is necessary to avoid washing raw meat.

The statement pointed out that in the case of wanting to get rid of any fluids, it is possible to use kitchen paper, and cooking alone is sufficient (at a temperature of at least 73) to eliminate any bacteria present in the meat, in addition to not washing them, must follow 3 basic tips to deal with raw meat To prevent the spread of bacteria to the surrounding kitchen surfaces, sinks and utensils:

1- We start first by preparing food that is fresh and without cooking (such as vegetables and salads) and before what we deal with raw meat or poultry, and remove it from the place of preparing the meat.

2- Cleaning and disinfection of any possible surface that may be contamination from meat or poultry, as well as cleaning surfaces and basins with hot water and soap, and their proportions are dried and then cleaned with antiseptic.

3- After handling raw meat, wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and dry them with clean towels or kitchen paper.


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