Amr Rady, crying, I have a problem in my back, and he recommends praying to Youtuber Mostafa El Hefnawy


Youtuber Amr Rady appeared in a new video, after suffering a health problem, as it spread to the social media several hours ago, a picture of him carrying rays and walking on a crutch, after the death of his friend, Youtuber Mustafa El Hefnawi

Rady posted, through his account on “Instagram”, a video in which he says, “Thank God for your efforts all … I don’t see a monster in my dear or dear one … The issue is difficult for me … I don’t want to show this way .. but the people who pressure me, have many phones and messages.” It’s not easy. “

Radhi cried, “Our Lord has mercy on Mustafa .. I am fine and fine .. I am a little tired, but my condition is not dangerous .. I have a disk in my back so that I hold the crutches .. I thank all the people .. All the words that have been said about me on my head from above. Be free of yourself … and all I ask is that you pray for Mustafa … I never imagined that one day I would come out and say that … and he has the year of life. “

Amr Rady crying

Amr Rady in the video clip
Amr Rady in the video clip

Amr Rady commented on the video, saying, “There is nothing that can hurt my heart and take my soul … like my sorrow for you, goodbye, my love … But I want you to know that I see you in every place … and every thing you think of me … I have a doubt … your place is my best in me. Arabic .. Your chair is in front of me .. In the coffee .. .. the food that we want to go to .. ..with before we sleep .. all the pictures .. all the places .. all the houses .. all the hums .. all the thinking about the past and the future .. our friends .. everything You think about me .. the fact that your body separated me from it is difficult .. but the only impossible is that your soul leaves me for a moment .. I got used to you and on my day with you, our families spoiled and lived with each other .. I returned to my home alone, like the little family who lost his mother in a large market with millions of people. Think of our words, think of our dreams, and I promise you that I will achieve all that you were in! And your image is fragile, so every step is like your chelation on my shoulder … and I missed you my partner and forgive me. ”


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