An acidity drug that treats Corona patients and reduces deaths … What is the story?


A new study found that Corona virus patients who take medication for heartburn are the least likely to die from infection with the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19).

According to the British Daily Mail newspaper, “famotidine”, the active ingredient in heartburn medicine, is the subject of great controversy in the United States, so that the Trump administration has offered $ 21 million to try famotidine to treat Corona patients.

Experts believe that the stomach acid medicine kills pathogens such as unwanted bacteria or viruses, while famotidine is a strong substance to reduce the ability of the coronavirus to reproduce itself and spread in the body continuously.

Hartford Hospital, in Connecticut, Found Famotidine may help Corona patients to survive, in a study of 878 patients, of whom 10%, i.e. 83 patients, were taking the acidity drug that contains famotidine.

Patients who got famotidine were 31% less at risk, and they faced a lower risk of death. Two-thirds of the group was not given medication until they were admitted to hospital, and 29% of them took it regularly before being taken to hospital.

And doctors in China had previously noticed that elderly patients had a low social level، They die at a lower rate, and it turns out that this is due to their constantly taking the cheap stomach acid drug, but on the contrary, Dr. Rick Bright, responsible for the Department of Health and Human Services, objected to the study, claiming that the study was based on weak information.


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