An amazing habit that makes you more relaxed during sleep … you won’t expect it


A recent study by scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden showed that delaying dinner for bed can help you sleep better and feel refreshed once you wake up.

Researchers leading the study reported that delaying lunch right before bed could lead to a relaxing feeling, the opposite effect, and better sleep, according to the British newspaper, the Daily Mail.

Researchers explained that eating a snack before bed or warm drinks can help you sleep better and thus eliminate the sleepiness problem that you suffer from due to lack of sleep at night.

The researchers pointed out that eating a late lunch can make you feel dehydrated in the afternoon and sleep less at night, and that going out for dinner can make you more rest and sleep better.

The results of the study confirmed that delaying lunch can improve sleep, which reduces the problem of sleepiness after waking and lethargy when going to work.

In turn, the researchers emphasized that sleep disturbances may be associated with a change in mood and feeling sleepy during the day, which affects 70% of social communication with others, in contrast to health problems that can result from lack of sleep at night, the most dangerous of which is obesity.


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