An easy and simple way to improve brain function


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Igor Orlov, head of the Medical Center for Acupuncture, says that in order for the brain to function at the required level, it must be well supplied with blood, because this affects memory, attention and reaction.

Dr. Orlov indicates that the blood circulation disorder in the brain may be due to excessive fatigue and stress, which appears in the form of headache, poor memory, decreased reaction speed, inability to focus and even disturbance of consciousness. Massage is considered a good preventive method from these phenomena.

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He says, “The ear has a direct relationship with the brain. That is, massaging the ears improves blood circulation in the brain. The biggest effect is massaging a point in the center of the earlobe responsible for vision, where when massaged or pressed forcefully, it improves vision. Scalp massaging also improves circulation.” “Blood circulation to the brain. Massaging the neck area, especially the collar area, positively affects and improves blood circulation in the brain.”

An easy and simple way to improve brain function


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Feet massage

Orlov adds, massaging hands and feet helps stimulate blood circulation in the brain. For example, to prevent stroke, or when consciousness is disturbed, acupuncture is used in these areas until blood drops appear.

He says, “Massaging the hands and fingers improves blood circulation, reduces stress and nervous tension, restores blood pressure to its normal level and helps prevent vascular diseases in the brain. The same applies to the feet. That is, massaging the points on the fingers and toes, particularly affects the body.” Central nervous system: When you massage it vigorously, press it, pinch it and dip it in hot water, it makes the blood circulation work in the brain normal.

He adds, the massage and pressure should be comfortable and painless. When discomfort is felt, the intensity of the massage and pressure should be reduced immediately.

Source: Novosti


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