An urgent appeal from health to citizens regarding the Coronavirus


Dr. Khaled Mujahid, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, appealed to citizens to return again to preventive measures, wear the muzzle, avoid family gatherings, and avoid crowded public places, saying: “We announced from a period that we are in a period called the period of anticipation and the ban, even if we reached zero injuries. With Corona virus, we will also remain in the period of anticipation and embargo. ”

“Mujahid” stressed, during a phone call to the “Today” program, presented by the media, Sarah Hazem, broadcast on “dmc” channel, that the citizen’s following of preventive and precautionary measures has a major role in continuing to decrease infections with the Coronavirus, and not to increase the number of infections again. , Noting that the danger of the Corona virus lies in its rapid spread.

He stressed that we must continue to wear masks, not shake hands, and wash hands, and these instructions must be part of our culture, warning that laxity in following preventive measures may lead us to increase the numbers again, and if the numbers increase, the government will be forced to close decisions once again. Other.


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