Apple announces 9 new products this year … the most prominent iPhone 12


Technology websites have confirmed that Apple intends to unveil 9 new electronic products during its annual event awaited this year, and according to the leaks, the company during an event “WDC-2020” Several varieties of smart devices will be announced, including iPhone phones with their new categories, tablets, and other digital and electronic products. Among the most important products will be the iPhone-12, iPhone-12 Pro, iPhone-12 Pro Max, and the sixth generation of watches. Apple Wacch Smart.

The exhibits will include cards Apple Card The new electronic payment system, and the chipAIRTAG New electronic devices that can be carried with the keys and used for electronic payment or open electronic locks for the home or car parks, for example, and perhaps the company will finally reveal a charger AirPower Wireless, the ability to charge multiple smart devices simultaneously.

It is not known yet whether Apple will release the “iPhone-12” phones immediately after the event, as some reports indicated that the company Genius Electronic Optical A manufacturer of lens for these phones’ cameras had detected issues with cracking lens coatings during tests.

It is worth noting that Apple officially confirmed the postponement of the iPhone 12 launch until at least next October, after the closures due to the Corona virus disrupted the global supply chain, which means that the new production line will be late than the company’s usual launch date in September, and the confirmation of the delay came after rumors that Leaker John Prosser posted earlier this week that the new iPhones and iPads will be released in October.

According to a consulting analyst Yuanta Investment Jeff Pu Prices are likely to start iPhone 12 From 593 GBP ($ 749) – somewhat higher than the sales price iPhone 11 The first at 554 pounds ($ 699) – Metro reports. Apple iPhone 12 Powered by 5 technologyG Wireless.


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