Apple deals a fatal blow to the company that developed the game “Fortnite”


“Apple” closed the “Epic Games” account, depriving the company that developed the famous “Fortnite” game from the ability to develop applications for “iPhone” users, and other products of the American group, which finally banned the application of the famous video game.

“We are disappointed that we had to close the Epic Games’ account on the App Store,” Al-Hurra TV quoted an Apple statement as saying, “We have worked with their team for many years on launches and releases.”

For two weeks, the two companies have been facing the courts and the press against the backdrop of a commission charged by “Apple” for the purchases made by Fortnite users through the “App Store” electronic store, which is a compulsory pathway to download applications on all devices manufactured by “Apple”.

And a judge in California decided last Monday that “Apple” could not exclude “Epic Games” from its program for developers, but she supported it in withdrawing the video game from the online application store.

The judge said that “Epic Games” appears “itself in a difficult situation” after violating the terms of its contract with the giant American group in the field of technology.

In line with the judge’s decision, Apple did not prohibit Epic Games’ access to a program for software developers that would inevitably be used to run its “Anril Engine” platform, to develop video games that are used by the company’s many customers, especially the studios.

The battle between the two sides revolves around the 30% commission that Apple deducts from the revenues of companies that display their applications in the App Store to users of iPhones and iPads.

Epic Games describes this commission as “tyrannical”, and it recently tried to circumvent the integrated payment system with the iOS operating system in the latest Fortnite update. However, Apple quickly pulled the widespread game out of its online store, and advanced “Epic Games” filed a lawsuit against “Apple” for allegedly exploiting the site.

“The court recommended that Epic Games” comply with the rules of the “App Store” pending the resolution of the court issue, which are rules they followed for years until they created this situation, but “Epic Games” refused to do so.

The group added, “This is not fair to the rest of the developers on the App Store, and it also puts the customers at the center of their battle. We hope that we will be able to re-cooperate again in the future, but this is not possible now.” Principle “In the name of freedom for developers and players.

The company said, “Apple is asking Epic to refer to the version of Fortnite that exclusively uses Apple’s payment system. This is a call to make Epic complicit with Apple in maintaining its dominance over financial operations through the iOS system.”


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