Attention .. the harms of drinking more water and the appropriate quantities daily


Contrary to the information that says about the benefits of drinking more water, documented scientific studies have reported that the frequent drinking of water has many damages that many may not know, stressing the need to pay attention to it so that the damage does not worsen and what does not happen without consequences.

According to studies, frequent drinking of water is always accompanied by a low level of sodium in the body, which causes a number of small and big problems.

Studies have shown that the symptoms associated with frequent drinking of water include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, a feeling of fatigue and severe headache.

Damages of drinking water while eating

Health problems may grow in some, as they develop to reach enlarged kidneys, which leads, with successive practice, to kidney failure.

And while eating, there are disadvantages that studies have mentioned, including reducing stomach acid, which makes the digestive process difficult and affects its efficiency.

In addition to the well-known appearance of “rumen”, other symptoms associated with drinking water while eating, such as a feeling of acidity, loss of appetite and a high level of insulin.

The daily amount of water that you must drink

Studies have determined the daily amount of water that should be drunk, and said that people who live in temperate climates need 2-3 liters of water per day, while in hot regions it reaches 6 liters per day.


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