Avoid them .. A dentist warns of the negative effects of the muzzle on oral health


In light of the global outbreak of the new Corona virus (Covid-19), many countries have resorted to requiring their citizens to wear protective masks or face coverings in public places, public transport and in shopping centers, as well as global airlines have decided to oblige their passengers to follow the same preventive measure. To control the spread of a fatal infection.
But a dentist recently warned of the potential negative effects of face coverings on oral and dental hygiene.

The British “Mirror” newspaper quoted the American dentist, Jeffrey Solitser, as saying that “covering your mouth and nose for long periods affects your breathing and forces you to breathe more through your mouth.” And he continued, explaining that this affects the moisture in the mouth, and can cause it to dry out, which in turn may lead to an increase in susceptibility to gum disease, tooth decay and suffering from bad breath.

At the same time, the dentist indicated that there are many steps that can be followed to maintain oral health while wearing the protective mask, as it is advised that when wearing the muzzle for long periods, the individual should improve the routine of caring for the health and hygiene of the mouth and teeth, pointing to the need to pay attention to moisturizing the mouth. During this period, try to use sugar-free lozenges or gum to enhance saliva flow.

And according to the British newspaper report that wearing a mask can also cause skin problems such as facial pimples, rashes and itching.

Girish Mohan, a dermatologist at a specialized medical center in the United States of America, explained that masks are a great way to protect ourselves and others from the risk of infection with “Corona”, but it can affect the health of the skin, as it is every time during inhalation and exhalation. Moisture builds up and the mask locks in on the skin of the face.

To keep the skin healthy, a doctor recommends using a fragrance-free cleanser followed by a fragrance-free moisturizer as well; Women are also advised to avoid using cosmetics on the areas covered by the protective mask, as this can be an additional factor in skin irritation.


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