Barcelona News: One condition of Luis Suarez turns Barcelonas management life into hell


Luis Suarez

Sport 360 – Uruguayan star Luis Suarez has become a target for many clubs in the summer transfer market, after he left the accounts of the new Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman, but he set a condition to open the door to negotiations with any other team.

Suarez is currently putting his priority on terminating his contract with Barcelona In the best possible way, according to newspaper “Sport” Catalan, as despite receiving many calls from all over the world to inquire about his position and open the door for signing with him, he stopped all negotiations with all interested teams until the termination of his contract.

The first solution that Suarez is looking for is to reach an amicable agreement with the club in light of his failure to submit a request to leave, but on the contrary, the club was the one who opened the door for him to leave so that he had to compensate him for the remaining time in his contract.

Suarez is currently taking a firm stand with the club and will not give him any chance to avoid paying compensation, as he will be happy if he continues to defend Alwan and Summer. La Liga However, Koeman is the one who refuses his presence in the team, and therefore the club management must bear the consequences of its decision, according to his point of view.

Suarez’s professionalism and the Barcelona dilemma

The Spanish report pointed out that Suarez will deal with the highest level of professionalism by being present today in the Sports City to undergo a Corona virus examination and on Monday to start the preparatory season under the leadership of Ronald Koeman, especially since time is still available to reach an agreement with the closure of the transfer market, exceptionally this year in Spain on 5 October.

The report added that Suarez does not want to go into a spare season without a team, but at the same time he wants to leave Barcelona in light of respecting the terms of his contract from the two parties, which they agreed upon during his renewal, while it is considered that the method of informing him from Barcelona to dispense with his services was not the best for dealing with a third Historically the club’s top scorer, so he waits for the club to commit and pay for the remaining season in his contract.

Suarez’s scenario became a dilemma for the Catalan club, as it had to decide either to cancel the contract of the Uruguayan international striker and pay the agreed value in full, or in return to keep him in the team led by Coman, despite the difficulty of the presence of a player of this size in the dressing room without any intention to involve him in Matches.

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