Barcelona settles for Messi substitute


Barcelona settles for Messi substitute


Barcelona club management is considering the option of contracting the Juventus star, the Argentine international, Paulo Dybala, to be a substitute for his compatriot Lionel Messi, in the event that the latter leaves the Catalan club.

According to the Italian newspaper “tuttosport”, Dybala may join Barcelona, ​​who is already looking for a striker to succeed the star of the team, Messi, who recently raised strong rumors about his desire to leave.

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The newspaper pointed out that Dybala, 26, has not yet reached an agreement to extend his contract with Juventus, as he demands an annual salary of 15 million euros, which is double what he is currently getting.

And she indicated that Juventus does not want to abandon its Argentine star, due to his importance and the distinctive technical condition he has enjoyed in the recent period.

Dybala had previously been linked to leaving Juventus during the last summer transfer period, but he continued with the team, presented great levels, and was chosen as the best player in the Italian league during the past season.

It should be noted that Messi’s contract with Barcelona extends until 2021, and his market value is currently estimated at 112 million euros, but the penalty clause in his contract is 700 million euros.

Source: “tuttosport”


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