Be aware of signs on your skin that know you have Corona


People are now experiencing a state of anxiety after the spread of a number of new symptoms of the Corona virus and the publication of an article entitled Corona marks on the skin in a foreign newspaper, which raised the readers’ portfolio and a state of anxiety, so could this news be true and does the virus really leave marks on the skin and how can it be Differentiate it from regular skin diseases and what are the ways to prevent them.

Signs of corona on the skin

One of the specialized research journals published reports on the results of research that the Corona virus leaves marks on the skin of those infected with it, the results are based on a number of experiments on people with the virus, and it was found that a percentage of them suffer from a change in the color of the skin and the appearance of spots as if they are small blood clots or blood clots under the surface Skin, and the most cases that appeared on it were the elderly in addition to their affliction with lesions called “purpura”.

Scientists have re-established the reason behind the appearance of these marks on the skin is a result of the narrowing of the respiration that the patient suffers, which causes blockages in some capillaries, which in turn cause these dark spots, and another group of scientists said that there may be a reaction to the drugs that the patient takes, especially since most types of skin are sensitive to the cyanins. It is the main driver in many drugs that work to move the patient’s immune system and reduce it to produce antibodies to the virus.

The scientists pointed out that these signs are not at all worrisome and they gradually disappear after the patient’s complete recovery, by eating healthy foods and practicing normal daily activities, you will notice their disappearance naturally and there is no need to worry about this matter.

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