Because of her closeness to Harry … How Megan stole the spotlight from Eugenie at her wedding


The book “Kingship at War” sparked widespread controversy after the publication of many secrets behind the Prince’s exit Harry and Megan From the royal palace to live in Canada.
Among those secrets was Princess Eugenie’s upset over the kidnapping of Megan Merkel and the Prince Harry Lights from her during her wedding; By announcing that they are expecting a new baby.

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According to the authors, “Omid Scobey” and “Caroline Durand” in the biography: “A source close to [الأميرة يوجيني] She felt that the couple had to wait a little while before the news was published. “

و .علن هاري ويمجان For friends and family about the Duchess’s pregnancy, during the big day inside St George’s Bowensor Church in October 2018.

This came despite Prince Harry’s close proximity to Princess Eugenie as friends before his marriage, as Eugenie was one of the first to discover Harry’s relationship with Megan.


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