Being dizzy when standing increases the risk of an illness without medication


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Experts say that people who become dizzy upon standing may have an increased risk of developing dementia.

Dizziness comes from a sudden drop in blood pressure. And the new study found a link between dizziness and dementia only in people with low systolic blood pressure.

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And those with low diastolic blood pressure or hypotension in general were not at risk.

Low systolic blood pressure is defined as the higher number of blood pressure when reading, and orthostatic systolic blood pressure drop is defined as a decrease of at least 15 mmHg after standing from a sitting position.

“People’s blood pressure should be monitored when they move from sitting to standing. Controlling low blood pressure can be a way to help preserve people’s thinking skills and memory as they age,” said Dr. Lori Roch, of the University of California.

Dr Roche added that the study was observational, noting that the results only showed an association between blood pressure readings and the development of dementia.

Source: The Sun


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