Beware … 5 factors that cause the increase in “Corona” injuries


Doctors were able to identify 5 factors that lead to an increase in the number of new infections, “Corona”, which spread terribly quickly, in a few months, and managed to infect millions around the world, amid questions about the reason for its rapid spread compared to the regular flu that people infect from time to time.

The doctors explained that the infection that appeared in China late last year is transmitted at a very high speed, and is often attached to surfaces, and remains for long hours in closed places that are not subject to adequate ventilation, and accordingly, one person infected with Corona may transmit the infection to dozens of People, or maybe hundreds, especially in large crowds.

The five factors identified by doctors that lead to an increase in the number of new infections with the Coronavirus are:

1- Negligence in adhering to the preventive measures.

2- Home visits.

3- Holding weddings and funerals.

4- Failure to adhere to physical distancing in public places.

5- Employees neglecting or leniently while working by wearing masks and being physically distant

The doctors called for the necessity of:

1- Everyone must comply with health and preventive instructions and guidelines.

2- Preserving the successes achieved in surrounding the pandemic.


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