Beware .. a deadly poison is present in every home


The Russian nephrologist, Lyudmila Artokhina, has warned of a deadly poison in every home, which is “table salt”, as it is the first and last destroyer of the kidneys.

And the specialist warned via radio “Moscow from” Excessive consumption of table salt due to the popularity of fast food and semi-finished products in modern society, as well as products in which salt is generously placed, In addition, people also have a high degree of sensitivity to salt. ”

She emphasized that there are often no painful symptoms with kidney problems, so patients often go to the hospital in a serious stage of the disease.

The doctor explained: “Sometimes its symptoms appear when the disease is” before my bed. ” This manifests itself in weakness, fatigue and swelling when walking. And possibly arterial hypertension. Kidney disease can present itself with arterial hypertension.

Artiochina noted that if there are problems with blood pressure, an examination is required. It concluded that a healthy lifestyle is essential for kidney health.


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