Beware of “magnesium” deficiency in the body and its danger to the heart … these are its benefits


Heart is the most important organ of the body for our health, and this is why experts always strive to uncover everything that helps protect the heart from crises, the most prominent of which is magnesium, it is one of the most important minerals beneficial to the body in general, and its deficiency greatly affects the heart, which is available in many foods And drinks are a healthy component of immunity and blood circulation.

The risk of his lack

And revealed the site “only my health”, that a lack of magnesium in the body causes an irregular heartbeat, and symptoms of changes in the heartbeat are mild in most cases, however, in some people it may cause major problems in heart palpitations, and a temporary pause between strikes, in addition to To shortness of breath, chest pain, or fainting.

Its benefits to heart health

As for the benefits of magnesium, it maintains a healthy heart, helps stimulate blood circulation, and magnesium also strengthens the muscles of the body; Especially the heart muscle.

Magnesium reduces the chances of death from heart attacks, strokes, and contributes to the regulation of the heartbeat, and a deficiency of magnesium in the body may damage the heart health, and lead to atrial fibrillation, a disease that makes the heart beat faster and irregular, and increases the chances of exposure to strokes, or failure Heart muscle.


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