Beware .. sleeping after eating portends this dangerous disease


Many people tend to feel sleepy and sleepy after eating, especially after eating a heavy meal, but some are unaware that this habit indicates a serious disease.

A recent study confirmed that the habit of sleeping after eating indicates diabetes, and according to the “” website, which is affiliated with the “Federal Association of German Pharmacists Associations” (ABDA), after eating the blood sugar level rises very quickly, and this carries risks for people with disease Type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Johanna Sander, an expert in diabetes, stated that when a glycosylated hemoglobin test is performed, that is, a blood test to detect the level of sugar in the blood for several months ago, which is known to the public to check “cumulative sugar”, and the German expert advised that a diabetic, who feels sleepy and tired After eating, he checks blood sugar by himself two hours after a meal.


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